God Hears

As I sat in despair this morning, wondering how much good I seek to do to others, and how it appeared my work was often done in vain. I sought solace in the comfort of my yard, as I raked leaves, and the branches of trees that had fallen. My mind drifted to my now broken lawn mower, that I lent to someone, who in returned, gave it back broken. Well Lord, let not my heart be troubled. I thought to myself as I looked at the mile high grass in my backyard.

My neighbor who was also working on her yard, brought out a weed eater, something I needed desperately to use on my yard, around my porch. I called out to her and simply asked could I use it. She then smiled with great delight and said of course. I was so excited and ever so happy that she without hesitation replied with a yes. My heart filled with so much joy, and I praised the Lord for I know He heard my cry.

Although this is something simple to some, but this is something great for me. My mediations did not go unheard. I kept my mind stayed on Jesus, bent to stay content, and he rewarded me with what I desired at that present moment.

Don’t despise the small things, for God will reward you with something that much greater for your faithfulness.


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