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Where Are The Real Christians

Where are the real Christians? The ones that will stand up and speak out about those things that are anti God and go against an enemy that is seeking to destroy all that is pure? Why have so many Christians taking the attitude of “it’s not my business?”

What would have happened if Jesus said that or Paul, Peter, or John? The real zeal for the church has gone out. Can’t you feel it. I am against homosexuality because God says it’s a sin. Just like that is a sin I am against all sin, whether big or small. A sin is a sin.

What needs to take place is a revival of the saints, so that the fire of God can be lit back up. It should be large crowds all around the United States protesting against same-sex marriages. This country was founded by God as the foundation. Yet, many push God away because He doesn’t fit into their way of living.

Where are the real Christians? The ones that will stand toe to toe with the devil and tell him he has to go? The ones that tote bibles and run up in houses, taking their children back. What happen are they all gone away?

If you are ready for a change, then like this post and let’s occupy the things that are right. It’s time to take a stand against all matters of SIN. If it’s in your house, get it out! If your kids have gone a stray go take them back by force. The heavens suffered violence and it was taking back by force.

If we don’t stand for God, then we will fall for Satan!

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