The Battle Of The Mind

2 Corinthians 10:4~ For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

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Where are these strongholds that Paul is saying that we are to pull down exactly? Further research and study will conclude that Paul is talking about the strongholds of our minds. Have you ever sat with nothing to do and found your mind in places it ought not to be in? Well, maybe not you, but I know I can raise my hands and my feet for me.

I have found my mind wandering off on a situation that I prayed about and said I gave it over to God or on something that was said to me that I dismissed at the time. The enemy is very crafty in the fiery darts that he shoots at our minds. If we aren’t careful we will find ourselves dwelling on something that doesn’t even make any sense. Or we will find ourselves becoming angry at something that isn’t worth becoming angry about if we don’t cast down those vain imaginations.

We to keep the main thing the main thing and God is always the main thing. His Word which holds true is always the main thing. People are going to be people. Situations will arise in our lives, losses are going to come, disappoints, frustrations, and pain. We have got to get to a point wherein spite of all of that God’s word remains the center of our thinking. His Word remains the truth and if we have a relationship with it then guess what? We are standing on it and believing that it shall do what it says.

God is always with us but we have to always remain in God. Meaning when those thoughts arise we cast them down and replace them with the truth of God’s Words and his promises. He says that if we keep our minds on Him he will keep us in perfect peace(Isaiah 26:3). I HAVE NEVER KNOWN GOD TO LIE YET! So if He has said a thing please know he shall do it, but you must do your part as well. Cast those thoughts down and replace them with the Word of God.

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