Tea Cup For The Soul

Tea Cup For The Soul


We are giving voices to unspoken issues of the heart through testimonies of other strong-willed women who have sat where many women are sitting right now. We are giving hope for a better tomorrow, by giving strength through words to get through today. We are striving for healing & unity among all women. When our hearts are healed then a nation can be healed.

Brianna Headen ~ Founder

Hello, I am Brianna and I have such a passion for women to come together in unity! God has imputed power in each of us to heal one another. Strong women weren’t birth strong but it is the many trials they endured often times alone that made them who they are today. You never know what hurt lies behind a smile or a frown for that matter, or what baggage is tucked under fancy clothes and made up faces. The same hurt and baggage another woman is carrying there is another woman who has carried the same issues. Another woman who traveled the same road and has a testimony of how God brought her through. So many of us are delayed with reaching our destinies because of insecurities, fear, isolation, or just no sense of direction. This is the community where we as real women share our flaws within a no judgment space of trust. We are women of purpose who will come alongside you and pray with and for you, push you, mentor you, encourage, and uplift you. We are women who seek after the pureness of God and his heart. We are not about a title, power, or a position. We simply desire to create a atmosphere of healing, deliverance, encouragement, unity, and love as God has called us to do.

Teacup For The Soul was started in August, 2018 as a Women’s Empowerment event. The founder Brianna Headen, had such a burden on her heart to help women overcome and join together in unity and love for one another. After much prayer God gave her the vision for, Tea Cup For The Soul. An event that brought women together while doing what women loved to do most, and that’s dress up, eat, and chat. The event started at noon as the custom for high tea is most known and ended at 4:00pm.

Women were brought in to tell about their extraordinary testimonies of overcoming some of life’s most difficult and challenging situations. Over lunch and tea conversations were had as topics of divorce, abuse, addictions, barrenness were discussed. Tears began to flow and healing took place as voices were given to those who sat in silence over issues that were held in secret places their heart. This gave them a space to be transparent and give voice to their hurts, embarrassments, pains, and struggles.

After many request came in of women wanting to meet more than just yearly and after much prayer Tea Cup For The Soul will meet weekly starting in January 2021. Through your paid subscription you will have access to live meetings, weekly devotionals, daily prayers, and you will receive a discount on our Women’s Empowerment in August of every year.

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