Single Mothers You’re Not Alone

Is this you? If so don’t feel as though you’re all alone because it’s millions of women feeling this exact same way. They are saying what are we suppose to do when we are at our wits end? What do I say when people come and tell me that I lacked structure in my home if my kids are getting on my nerves this bad. Well I hate to differ with them but my home is anything but unstructured. From the time they get off the bus they have a list of things to do. It’s not always like this.

Truth be told on days like this it’s not really the kids that are the ones making me feel this way. They just put the icing on an already bad day. They are just kids. It just happens to be one of those days. A day where a bill has come due and I don’t have the money to pay for it. The child support has yet to be deposited into my account. The job I wanted and needed so badly fell through. I am frustrated because I have been by myself for what seems like eternity. My bank account has a negative balance and I have to make dinner out of what ever I can find in my fridge.

Unless someone sits in my seat and does what I do. Then why do they have a right to tell me what I am not doing right. Sometimes I need a pat on the back & someone telling me that I am  a terrific mom. Days aren’t always like that it’s just that when they are I need someone to talk to not someone judging me.

Who stays up late nights praying and pacing the floor for God to mend my son/daughter  broken heart after daddy has lied to them? Who gets off of work to make doctors appointments, gets a sick child from school, parent/teacher conferences, school plays that are in the middle of the day?

It’s going to be days like this but it doesn’t make you a bad mother. It makes you as normal as any other woman. Know that God hears your deepest concerns and you are the very one he loves to lend a helping hand too.

If you are reading this know I have sat in your shoes and still do at times. But it’s through the grace of God that I can stand firm with my head held high and know that God still sits on the throne. I have learned how to draw from the source of all my needs and through Him I am strengthen to stand against every adversity that comes my way.

Know that God loves you and I do too!

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Bag Lady

Have you tried to get somewhere in life, but it feels like you are weighted down by the world. You have the desire to have more out of life and God has even shown you his plans for your life, but it seems as though when you try to take the steps to get to it you are being pulled back something.
Instead of believing that you can make it something keeps saying you can’t because of your lack. The words of your past are constantly telling you ‘you will never be nothing, your credit is too far gone for repair, your husband left you because you’re not woman enough, God can’t use you.’ God comes to you and talks to you, but because of your baggage taking up so much space in your mind and heart that you can’t receive or conceive the word. You try to read and pray, but nothing seems to work.
That use to be me some years ago. My mind was so consumed with  from my past that I felt like I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. We as women hold a lot of things in ourselves and we don’t know how to release them to anyone. This makes it difficult for us when we go into prayer because we lack the trust to tell God all about our hidden issues. God is the burden barrier, the lifter upper of our hung down head. He isn’t just the source to fix immediate problems, but he is the source for all problems. He says cast your cares on me for I care for you. That means tell Him what is really in your heart. Tell him why you can’t trust or why you get so angry with others when they try to tell you what to do. God already knows that your ex was abusive and controlling and you vowed you wouldn’t ever be controlled again. God knows you were told growing up you wouldn’t be nothing, or teased for the way you looked. He just wants to hear you confess out of your mouth the things you deal with so that he can be God and begin to heal you.
I know because he done it for me! I have walked in fear my whole life because I have always been told No, or you’re not good enough, pretty enough, rich enough, or you’re too stupid. Rejection had followed me my whole life. That is till I discovered a God that listened to me tell Him all about my true feelings. No matter how I came to him in the middle of the night, in my prayer journal, crying my eyes out with snot running down my face. He listened and he began to heal me. As I confessed my baggage began to get less and less. My anger towards authority began to decrease, I didn’t feel inferior or less than. My self esteem began to rise, in God and the weight of the world was lifted off of me. My cares began to be of doing the will of God and helping other women get through times as I had in my life. Just to be close to God was and is the most rewarding things in my life. He is the best friend I have always needed in my life. I would encourage you to drop your bags off with God and begin to live your life the way He has called you too.