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Bag Lady

Have you tried to get somewhere in life, but it feels like you are weighted down by the world. You have the desire to have more out of life and God has even shown you his plans for your life, but it seems as though when you try to take the steps to get to it… Continue reading Bag Lady

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Something Quick to Chew On

We as women can be so emotional and get caught in the heat of an emotional moment. If we aren't careful we will spend the rest of our lives with a man who only look to use us as some would say "in house ***". You can fill in the blanks. We will settle for… Continue reading Something Quick to Chew On

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Random Thoughts

What do you do when you have done all you can and every door in your life has closed and has a sign that reads your no longer welcomed there? Where do you turn when the ones closest to you seems to act as though they never knew you?  Is it me or is it… Continue reading Random Thoughts