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3rd Annual Women In Red

Are you someone that struggles with a beast within? Secrets, lies, hurt, and disappoints covered up by a smile, fancy clothes, and the title of Christian. Do you shout, speak in tongues, and pray the heaves down, but struggle with truly moving past your past while seeing your future slip further away?

If that is you or someone, you know then you don’t want to miss our 3rd Annual Women in Red. We have a dynamic speaker who is on fire for God. All the way from Houston, TX Pastor Lee Johnican has a word from the Lord just for you. So, come out and bring a friend. Put your shouting shoes on as we experience the fire of God come down and consume up the beast and expose the beauty within.  Bring your sister, brother, mother, or cousin but whatever you do, don’t miss this event. It’s just for You!

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I Am So Excited!

I am so excited about the new me! I am over joyed with the fact that I am losing weight. I have gained almost 100 lbs from 2008 – 2009 and I have been so miserable. I am praising God for an answered prayer. I can proudly stand and say I have lost 35 lbs so far.

My weight gain came from a combination of breaking a bad habit and my daughter being diagnosed with cancer in 2008. With all that behind me I can finally sit back and focus on getting me back. Size 10 here I come!