The Practice of Pause

Good Morning! We often find ourselves in trouble because we react and respond out of negative emotions. We say and do things we can never take back. If we can remember this one valid key in life, moments come and go, but the residue of what happens in that fleeting moment can cause us to… Continue reading The Practice of Pause


Introduction To No Apologies Here

This is a brief introduction of No Apologies Here with Bri. I want to take you on a journey of my life of living with no apologies. We will talk about my experiences living through traumatic situations that threatened to take me out mentally, spiritually, and physically. I almost took my own life. We will talk about the issues that come up repeatedly when you are a strong woman with brains and beauty. Issues being a woman minister and/or pastor while being single. The effects of abuse on the brain and how you conduct yourself. Being a single mother, dealing with men in and out of the church, and yes, the rumor is so true…men in the street tend to be a little better than them in the church. These topics are going to be raw and uncensored. So, prepare yourself to hear what I wish my mother and my spiritual mother would have told me.