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No Greater Love

As I sit and reflect on how unworthy I am to receive such a savior as Jesus, to have died for me. A Savior who did no wrong, but was accounted as a criminal, even after no wrong could be found of him. A Savior led to the slaughter, without a mumbbling word, He endured the suffering that I deserved. The all knowing, knew I would one day walk away and stray to do my own thing, yet loved me so much He still died that I might live. People walk away for one offence but I have offended my Heavenly father over and over, and yet his love for me never changes. When they placed that crown of thornes on his head, he thought about all the guilt and shame I would face knowing they could never amount to what he endured for me. He took it all for me and the rest of the world. A world filled with so much hate. His love that, was shed on Clavery was enough to cover all the sins of this world, but yet instill we choose to go against his commandment of love thy neighbor as you love thy self. All this love for many still isn’t enough. There will be no greater love than this, that a man lays down his life for his friends. No one took his life, but he laid it down for you & I.