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Comfortable w/Strangers pt. 2 The Healing Place

This is part two of an earlier broadcast. I hope you enjoy it! Also remember that our podcast are sponsored by viewers like yourself and if you would like to support us please think about partnering with us. You can find the link in the our bio to become a sponsor.  Don’t be fooled by thinking, just because you know someone means you know who they have become. That’s why it's difficult to experience true intimacy unless you're comfortable with strangers. It’s difficult to see the people you love turn into complete strangers and it's difficult to be obligated to strangers. At some point we all ask ourself are these the children I raised, is this the man or the woman I married, is this the friend I shared so much with. We all evolve and for those we are in relationship with or those in relationship with us it's not always easy. One of the best things I have heard in my years in ministry and counseling is when I heard a minister say to a couple he was marrying, "can love several different people?" He was asking the question can you love your spouse as they evolve and grow into new people over the years. Let’s talk! If you enjoy this broadcast please take the time to share, comment, and like. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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