Christian Life Coaching For Women

Brianna Headen

Hi, I am Brianna your Christian Life Coach. You are not here by chance but by divine appointment. Who am I you might ask yourself and what makes me an expert on your spiritual journey? First, I am not the expert but I am guided by the Holy Spirit, who guides us all. I am simply an encourager, discerner, pusher, spiritual midwife, and your prayer partner. I am going to help you give birth to your destiny.

I am an Associate Pastor, Board Certified Life Coach, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Thriving Single Mother, and a God Chaser. I hold a Masters in Christian Counseling, while pursuing an additional Masters in Pastoral Counseling.

“God has placed treasures on the inside of you. It’s up to you to access them.” Brianna

Fire Ignitor: Dream Chaser Program

$500.00 – 1000.00

What is God awaken you up to day by day, that you have yet to accomplish? What or who is holding you back?

This program is for those who are ready to ignite their passion and follow their dreams.

This 3 – 6 month program includes:

6 – 12 online coaching 90 minute coaching sessions.

10 minute weekly check-ins and encouragement

Worksheets to help plan, strategies, discover, and etc.

Access to daily devotional and prayer videos.

The Woman Within


Life has a way of passing us by while we are raising children, being a wife, working, fulling ministry duties, being a caregiver, etc.

As women we wear many hats and oftentimes we sacrifice at the expense of losing who we truly are as women. It’s easy to lose our identity as we so easily play our many roles.

This program is for those women who need help finding herself again. The woman that God created her to be with purpose. This program will help women to dig and discover or rediscover her passions push her to pursue her dreams.

This 3 month program will include:

6 online 90 minute coaching sessions

Worksheets to help plan, strategies, make goals, and discover

Two monthly 15 minute check-ins

Access to daily devotional and prayer videos.

Firm Foundation


In this crazy busy world it’s hard to find that time to really just sit and build a relationship with God. But, without that discipline life is a lot crazier.

This program is for those looking to form an intimate relationship with God. One where you are walking and talking with Him. This program will push and birth the worshiper out and help you create an atmosphere that invites the presence of God into your space.

This program is customizable!

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