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It seems cliché to say that no one is promised tomorrow. But when you’ve stared down the barrel of a gun; it makes that statement more realistic than not.

I know firsthand the feeling of not knowing whether or not I was down to the last seconds of my life or at the beginning of my eternal rest. By the grace of God, a premature end to my life was not God’s plan; his plan was for me to share my story.

I will never forget the night that my dignity was stolen. The robbery is so vivid in my mind, it could have been yesterday. I was an excited nineteen year old, moving in to an apartment with my best friend. We’d signed the lease and gotten the keys earlier that day to apartment number 2242. She and I decided there was only one rule to live by;

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You Are Leaders!

First published 3-1-10

Do you trust Jesus?  Do you believe Him?  I must admit that there have been times when my faith has wavered.  I have felt slight nagging questions that grew into doubt. Each time this has happened to me, it seemed as though a window opened unto me, showing me a hellish, unprotected existence. If I didnt quickly run to my Bible, I could easily spiral downward into despair. Instead, as I started to read Scripture for about 10 or 15 minutes, I would feel a calming of my spirit.  That window to hell would close again and a feeling of Warmth and love would start spreading in my soul.  Then I would just sit in God’s Presence, where there is fullness of joy! All would be well with my soul once again.   

In addition to my Bible I also have a favorite prayer book from which I pray Scriptures out loud.  This prayer book is a powerful weapon since it’s organized by prayer points.  So even…

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