Good Morning and Friday Prayer

Don’t you dare not say it back! I am praying that you receive an unexpected blessing and no matter the form or the packaging you recognize it as a gift from God! I pray you remember that God loves you just that much that he gives you what you need right on time! Be blessed!

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If this minstry has blessed you in anyway please think about sowing a seed. We do take every sower seriously and pray over every one who sows. We pray that God gives you back double for all you give.


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I Am Loved

I can admit I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t talk educated and at times my grammar is awful. I make mistakes, I trip up, and I miss the mark sometimes. But I do speak the language of God’s kingdom, I seek it first, I strive to love like He loves me, and I am quick to repent and forgive. My heart is linked up to him and that’s enough for God to use the imperfect me. He said he takes the foolish things to confuse the wise.