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The Problem With Sin

The problem with sin is that it leads to death if we don’t confess it and turn from it. Pride will cause one to blame everyone else & the devil for the consequences of it. While never realizing God is using the consequences to get you to turn back to him. It’s not about who disrespected, dishonored, left, lied, or betrayed you. It’s simply God trying to get you back before it’s everlasting to late. When that takes place true restoration and reconciliation can take place.

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Let’s Be Truthful

Many Christian’s have been conditioned to believe that trials and opposition comes right before God is getting ready to bless. But, may I offer this to you. God will allow trials and opposition to blow our way to get our attention as well. He uses them to correct us, humble us, and to cause us to repent.

The only outcome is forgiveness and restoration. I would rather be forgiving and restored than die and hear, “depart from me you worker of iniquity,” because I refused to admit, it’s me. Our hearts will deceive us but it’s the Word that will decipher our true motives and reveal our sins.

We are not always right nor or we always a victim. We hurt sometimes off of our own disobedience to God. It’s not everybody, it’s you. All suffering is not for Christ sake but it’s because of our own decisions to sin. Sometimes we must mourn over the fact that we disobeyed God and jumped the fence and played with the enemy. Truth hurts but it will set us free.