A Look On The Inside

As I sat and meditated on my life over the past couple of years the parable of the seed and the sower resonated in my spirit. I don’t know about you but as many times as I have read this parable I still find glimpses of myself interwoven somewhere. I always seem to think of a situation where I could kick myself because I heard the word but I still failed the test once I got on the boat WITH Jesus and the storm arose.

Just like the disciples God gave me everything I needed to increase my faith and trust in Him. As the good shepherd He is he gave me direct instructions. I was excited and when it was time to cross over and the storm arose I panicked. I doubted, fear overshadowed me, my emotions ruled me, and just like that I failed.

Yes, I know no one is perfect but we all at some point take our pointer and point it at someone or something. At least I know I have. Often it’s hard to look in the mirror and face the fact that it’s us. It was me who chose fear over faith, facts over truth, and death filled words over the Word of God.

The storm was already in the forecast and God gives us everything we could ever need to get through it, even with the boat filling up with water. I believe that the storms that many of us are in right now will cease to rage if we stop, get our eyes off who or what is involved in the storm, reflect on the lesson taught prior, believe in the one who taught it, and use what we were taught.

It’s not to late to take what you were taught and speak to your storm. God has given you the power.


God Is Sending You

It’s easy to receive a word that simply digs at the surface of your life. “God is going to bless you with the money you need,” or “God is going to use you,” and even “God is calling you to be an evanglist.” These words touch us and makes us excited! But, what does it do to you to know that God is going to send you back into a situation that caused you the most hurt? A situation that you ran from many years ago because of the rejection you received. I am talking about going back to a people who snobbed you off, called you everything but a child of God.

In the book of Acts 7:36, Stephen recounts Moses’s story as a rejected Savior of some sorts, “This Moses, whom they rejected when they said, “Who appointed you a ruler and a jugde?”–this one God sent as a ruler and a redeemer.” We all know the story of Moses when he was yet in Egypt he went to check on the brothers and found himself taking up for one against an Egyptian taskmaster. Here you have Moses trying to do good ends up killing the taskmaster inorder to save one of his own and then being ridiculed for doing what he felt was right. He sitting in a place of power could have been a great blessing towards his people was driven out by fear and rejection.

It would take God 40 years to call him back to this people after their cries of enslavement. Can you imagine how Moses felt? He has been in hiding from the one who took him in as a member of their family after being saved from the slaughter of the male children. Raised and given privillages just as a kings son, but because he choose to take up for his own is now on the most wanted list. Rejected by the people who share his own bloodline and considered an outcast among them, is now being called back to be that which he tried to be all those years ago.

Who wants to hear that kind of word being spoken over them. Yet, this is what God is calling so many people into in this season. No, He isn’t given fame or fortune for you to go and sconder it up. God is calling you back to the place of your rejection. He is calling you back to a people who had eyes to see but could not see you were indeed the answer to their prayer. God is in fact sending you! Will you say as Isaiah, “Lord send me!” Or will you as Jeremiah said, “Lord I am only a child?” God is sending you and you only are fit for the job.

It isn’t dependent on your education, experience, or your name. It’s because your heart and your willingness to obey even when you are scared. God saved you from what the enemy set up to kill you. He saved you and perserved you for such a time as this. This is your season to receive and obey one of the hardest words on your life. But, you must know that if God be for you then who can ever stand against you.

Don’t you delay and put off your obedience. Answer with a simple yes and even with your eyes closed allow God to send you and direct your steps. This is the season that God is going to make your name great!