Brianna Headen

Brianna Headen is the Associate Pastor of Christ Healing and Deliverance Ministry, located in Greensboro, NC. She serves under the leadership of Bishop Lee Johnican. She has a passion for women from all walks of life and pushes them to find their true identity in Christ. Acclimated with suffering, she is very familiar with the tricks of the enemy and his schemes to steal, kill, and destroy the purpose of women. Her ministry is not about playing the victim but overcoming the issues of life. One of her favorite scriptures, Revelation 12:11, is echoed through her ministry style of transparency. Her desire is to help bring unity back among women from all walks of life. Brianna feels that somewhere we have lost our values, identity, self-esteem, and self-respect for ourselves and one another.

She is the founder of, “Tea Cup For The Soul” and “Women in Red”, both annual empowerment events for women. She also is the leader of Christ Healing and Deliverance’s Women’s Ministry. She has her MA, in Christian Counseling, is a board certified Life Coach, and serves as a Chaplain.

Brianna is also a published author of “The Road to Glory,” her first novella. Brianna has a  passion to do the will of God as He has gifted her to write true to life fiction. Brianna writes word for word the thoughts God gives her. She loves to spark conversation among people to help expand the minds of people beyond our normal way of thinking. She is the founder of Over Comers By The Blood a ministry for at-risk teen girls and single mothers. Brianna is a single mother of two beautiful children in which she considers them to be her greatest inspiration on earth.



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