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Look Deeper

Studying Matthew 15:1-12 (NLT) this morning it caused me to reflect on several conversations I have had with people over the years concerning how they were treated by people in the church after either leaving or deciding not to become a member but wanted to fellowship occasionally.

How many people are following man made traditions that violate the direct commandments of God? For an example; some ministries and fellowships teach not to associate or fellowship with those who either have left(not Christ just the ministry) or decided not to be a member or join that particular ministry or fellowship. In turn you see people either being shunned, talked about, falsely marked as unsaved, or not being accepted in unless they join.

Yet, Paul tells us that we are to mark those who cause division among the saints( Romans 16:17-18). It’s plain to see with eyes shut that unless we as individuals choose to study the Word and develop our own relationship with Christ, we will follow in the steps of those who ignorantly followed the Pharisees. Although some traditions are good there are those set up to cancel the Word of God and to satisfy the hunger and the need to be, “that one,.”

If it doesn’t point back to Jesus but to the person(s) who set it up that’s the only red flag you should need. Time is truly short and no one can afford to be lead around by those who only desire is to please themselves. Remember it’s one body made up of different parts. We should function in unity and in love for one another and not as street gangs.

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