Bible Study, Christianity, Devotional, Inspirational

It Does Matter

Who you confess your faults to or who you confide in does matter. Having collars, titles, letters behind names, or special friendships, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t judgmental or condemning. Some lack the maturity to first understand that WE all fall short of the glory of God. Some don’t have the compassion or the desire to see you grow from your mistakes, pains, or bad choices without placing you in restraints. If God says, if the righteous when they sin, repent, and turn back, he will restore them, then who are mere humans that they believe they can go around God and do differently?

This isn’t the season to think higher of ourselves than we ought. Neither is it the season to cast stones and uncover those things we have been entrusted to cover in prayer. Let us be the people of God that He has created us to be and simply pattern our lives after Christ and be doers of the word.

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