A Look On The Inside

As I sat and meditated on my life over the past couple of years the parable of the seed and the sower resonated in my spirit. I don’t know about you but as many times as I have read this parable I still find glimpses of myself interwoven somewhere. I always seem to think of a situation where I could kick myself because I heard the word but I still failed the test once I got on the boat WITH Jesus and the storm arose.

Just like the disciples God gave me everything I needed to increase my faith and trust in Him. As the good shepherd He is he gave me direct instructions. I was excited and when it was time to cross over and the storm arose I panicked. I doubted, fear overshadowed me, my emotions ruled me, and just like that I failed.

Yes, I know no one is perfect but we all at some point take our pointer and point it at someone or something. At least I know I have. Often it’s hard to look in the mirror and face the fact that it’s us. It was me who chose fear over faith, facts over truth, and death filled words over the Word of God.

The storm was already in the forecast and God gives us everything we could ever need to get through it, even with the boat filling up with water. I believe that the storms that many of us are in right now will cease to rage if we stop, get our eyes off who or what is involved in the storm, reflect on the lesson taught prior, believe in the one who taught it, and use what we were taught.

It’s not to late to take what you were taught and speak to your storm. God has given you the power.

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