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A Season Of Celebration

I want to first take the time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and just in case I am not able to a Happy New Year! Christmas time across the world is a time for celebration, love, presents, food, and gathering. We look forward to giving as well as receiving. It’s a time for families to gather near and far. But this year it’s looking a lot different. Covid-19 has put a halt to families gathering and how we are giving and receiving as well how we celebrate.

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This season for so many is none of the above. This year alone has brought about a new normal and many have suffered losses. Losses of immediate family members that even in this restriction they would have celebrated together under one roof. Many are going to gravesites, waiting by their phone for hospital staff to call for a brief FaceTime, and some are actually preparing to say goodbye.

We must be ever so mindful of those who are suffering in this season. Remember those are the ones that God cares for the most and we as an extension of his arms, legs, heart, and mouth should be most concerned about them as well. I sit here and I am overwhelmed by those who are hurting because I for years sat in their seat. Even now at times as I sit with my two children, I still fight off the pain that the death of loved ones has left in my heart.

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So, while you are going on about your days please lift those up in prayer, if you know of any that could use your gift of presence then by all means give something that doesn’t cost a thing. Visit those who are in shelters, pray for those who just want to be left alone because the pain is too overwhelming, and pray that the spirit of depression is lifted off of so many who feel as though life is to much.

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If you are reading this and this is you please know that I am praying for you and if you just need a someone please email me and we can get through this together. I love you all!

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