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My Rant, My Concerns, My Vexation

As I scroll along Facebook I have noticed some disturbing trends. Trends that appear to vex my soul. I have observed the culture of some Christians shifting. It is on the far right as far as what messages are tolerated, celebrated, or just plained condemned. I know that everyone desires to receive an encouraging word but there truly are times when a word from the Lord comes to correct us or to encourage us to let go. Everyone seems to want to get the feel good word. The word that says there will be peace when in reality there will not be peace if our minds are not stayed on the Lord. So the word you may receive maybe you need to get your focus back. Or everything is going to be alright with your child, spouse, family, but you need to give it to God and stop covering up for them and/or start praying that God has mercy on them. Because guess what? Sometimes God has to chasten us to correct us and we would rather fall in his hands instead of the hands of people. God will lovingly correct us and forgive us, while people will try to kill us and hold grudges against us.

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We are living in a culture of make me feel good. Encourage me, tell me I am this wonderful person, God accepts me in my mess and I don’t have to change. My understanding is that no one is without sin and we at times need some correction alone with encouragement. It bothers me that we base our spirituality on how well we preach, the pats we get on the back, the likes we receive on Facebook, or how much success we have naturally. What happen to loving a person enough to tell them the truth? How can I see your sin is slowly killing you and just because our gifting’s and calling’s are without repentance doesn’t mean you are not in danger of losing your soul. How can I know you are cheating on your spouse as a friend and not tell you God isn’t pleased with that? How can I keep quiet when I know you are living a double life and not speak to you about it? I am not talking about coming to a person and judging them but just addressing it. Ezekiel talks about a watchman not warning the people and having their blood upon their hands but warning them and being clear.

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What about those who scream about abortions yet support the death penalty? I mean is that not a bit hypocritical. Murder is murder and if you don’t support murder then don’t support it all the way around the board. A life is a life whether born or unborn. God can do anything right?! Why are we screaming at each other over issues that we should really be in prayer about. Maybe if we prayed more we would meet a mother on her way to the abortion clinic and unknowingly extend ourselves so that God can use us to show her the love of Christ that her heart may be changed as well as her decision to abort. You kill a lot flies with honey instead of crap. Why do we go hard on homosexuality yet get real quite when we learn the pastor has sleep with women in the church. We are quick to restore him and quick to condemn the homosexual to hell. Why is that? The Bible says that it is going to be worst on the teachers who taught the Word but didn’t live it themselves.

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I don’t know maybe this is just me and how I am feeling today! I know what it feels like to be at the center of unrest and not to be restored but to be talked about more than loved. I know what it feels like to be a cast a way in search for someone to show me the love of God. God did not create us to be alone or there would have never been an Eve. She was to serve as an companion, a human companion, a friend sent straight from God, and a confidant. Let’s do better by each other and truly walk in agape love. We are the hands and feet of God himself and at the rate some are going they are pushing more away from knowing God than thirsting for him.

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4 thoughts on “My Rant, My Concerns, My Vexation”

  1. Agree with you in general, sister! Jesus is neither R nor D. we are called to follow Him and love what He loves and hates what He hates.

    I do want to point out:

    What about those who scream about abortions yet support the death penalty? I mean is that not a bit hypocritical. Murder is murder and if you don’t support murder then don’t support it all the way around the board.

    May be falling into the same trap you are talking about. Murder is the wrongful taking of innocent human life – so abortion. The death penalty is a government punishing criminal behavior. God had the death penalty in the OT so it cannot be murder.

    Whether you agree or not, it is important to be fair and gentle to the ones we disagree with.

      1. Good point and there are different responses to that. Mainly, that what the state does in punishment is not the same as what Christians are called to do in relationships. Murder was illegal in the OT as well and yet the death penalty was put in place by God so they are not the same thing. The Bible doesn’t seem to support or outlaw the death penalty for crimes in the NT explicitly.

        But not trying to argue for the death penalty, just seems there is a difference between hypocrisy and disagreeing on a position. You may not agree with the death penalty but it is not hypocritical based on the comparison with abortion. It is like saying being in favor of self defense is wrong if you oppose murder. Both involve bodily harm but they are very different things.

        God bless you!

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