For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

God never intended for us to be fearful. In fact he has called us to do great things. He has called us to step into the deep and to expand our God-given gifts and talents. The only thing that holds us back is the way we think about ourselves and our lack of trust for God. Fear comes to cripple us, to paralyze us, alongside with our way of thinking, which is most contrary to the thoughts of God for us and towards us.

Our lack of trust for God makes us fear that God will see us through or that he will make ways, answer prayers, and grant favor. Having lack of trust will make us doubt that we heard God instruct us to step out of the boat.

Sarah doubted God would bless her with a baby after years of waiting and old age had set in. But God still came in her old age and opened her womb. Why, because if he said it then he shall surely bring it to past.

Peter stepped out the boat and in a moment of fear he began to drown but Jesus was there to pick him up. Just because it looks like you are about to drown believe me Jesus is there to pull you up. Peter didn’t stop following the leading of Jesus and don’t you stop either.

There are lessons to be learned and a process you must go through but don’t let fear paralyze you anymore. This is your season to go get it!

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