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Let Me Just Get This Off My Chest

I get tired of opening up my social media sites and seeing ignorance.  Christians are always forced to take a back seat and shut up about their beliefs. America is always trying to push us to the side while allowing everyone else to enjoy the constitutional right to freedom of speech except Christians.  This country was founded on God but yet at a great speed we are pushing God out of everything.  I have to respect Muslims, Buddhist, Hinduism, Atheists, and what ever else religion that is out there but they don’t have to respect me as a Christian. I am told I can’t pray and use the name of Jesus in certain forums. There is a looming threat that if I don’t want to marry a homosexual couple because of my religious belief that I may face criminal charges…really!?  Yet, because everyone isn’t a Christian prayer has been taken out of school because of one atheist woman.

I am being judge daily because I am a Christian and accused of hate but a nonbeliever can tell me that because I mess up one day and forget to put my sun shiny face on that I am a hypocrite.  Lord forbid if I turn around and tell them they are going to hell because they don’t believe Jesus shed his blood for the world that we may be forgiven of sins.  Everything is blamed on Christians but yet we don’t have a day where we dance in the streets and fly our flag high.  The holidays we celebrate everybody enjoys them because it’s days off of work and trips to beaches, cruises, or whatever vacation one chooses.

Everybody in this country is able to be free to do what they want but yet we as Christians have to be careful because we might offend someone.  Those of us who believe in holy living are already judged within our own sect.  Why, because if you choose to sleep with your partner before getting married you can’t hold a position in the church, just like if you are clubbing you can’t get up and lead Sunday morning worship and you just finish bumping and jumping on the dance floor, throwing back the latest vodka.  Willfully sinning is sin you like to do and aren’t planning on changing.  It’s a difference if you fall but quickly get up and repent never to do it again.

All Christians don’t discriminate against sin. Sin is sin and if you aren’t trying then it doesn’t mean we don’t love you and will banish you to hell or murder you with our mouths.  If that was the case I personally wouldn’t go around my unsaved family members and laugh and cut up with them.  I wouldn’t talk to my friend who is gay, or the other one that goes out to the club.  I do tell them about Jesus when the opportunity presents itself, and no I am not a Jesus pusher. I don’t condole the sin but I don’t beat them over the head with it either. That is why they respect me enough not to curse, talk about certain things, or do certain things around me that are offensive to me.  They can feel I love them with a pure love.  At times if I get a little off track they might remind me that I stand for God and I can’t let the devil win.  It all boils down to a respect thing.

Everywhere I look I see a rainbow.  That’s offensive to me because rainbows are a symbol of a promise from God that he would never flood the earth again. You don’t see me posting hateful messages or screaming because everywhere I look I see rainbows on every social media sight.  Let me put a Christian Flag up and lets see what everyone would have to say about that. Bottom lines is people are going to find a way to bash Christians and what they don’t realize is that while they point the finger at us there are three pointing right back at them.

Okay I am done and I am sure this will be continued.

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