Dylann Roof, Racial Issues, South Carolina Shooting

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

sc photoWho do you blame when a child grows up and becomes the complete opposite of how you raise them?  Did they interrupt your lessons as hatred towards others or did you impute it without the sense to think that they just might carry out a crime you yourself dare not try to commit. I have sat and listened to many with opinions on the SC shooter and it makes me wonder whose fault is it that this young man went into a church and shot up innocent people?

Do we blame the parents? The bible says “when I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” I Corinthians 13:11.  When do we stop blaming parents for adult children.  This young man had a chance to do the right thing and turn around and walk out (he said he almost didn’t do it because they were so nice) but instead he stood and yelled a racial slur and began to shoot.  He then got into his car and drove in the same car he drove to the crime. (Huh)

Do we blame friends? He has a reported black friend that has gotten on television and spoke about how this man said he was going to shoot up a college.  Did he not share his racial views with him? Why would he simply say he wanted to shoot up a historically black college and not say why? Why would he even have a black friend if he didn’t like black people? (strange)

Who do we blame? How do we treat this situation? How do we view this crime? How do we move forward when the lines of race, hatred, and murder has been blurred? I have questions about why was this young mans take down so easily, when black men are gunned down and not given the chance to put their hands up and slowly walk out the car.  This man just killed several people and was handled with care.

Why do black men who commit the same crime whole life story (really only the bad) is flashed across the television screen and his name smeared for the whole world to see.  Whose fault is it when neighborhoods rise up in riots because of the injustice they have faced over the decades and their families are being gunned down just for being black on the wrong day.

No, I am not up holding a Michael Brown or a Tamir Rice but I am saying there was excessive force used when no force is recorded for Dylann Roof who was armed and dangerous.

No, I am not here saying black power or pumping my fist in the air but I do believe in standing for what’s right and calling out what’s wrong.  I am upset at the differences treated between these people because of the color of their skin.  I am not just talking it’s actually recorded on record the amount of times a black man is gunned down and the amount of times a white man has been gunned down and has actually fought with the police.

Who do we blame? When will it stop? I have a son that I have to teach to keep his hands held high when stopped by the police. Speak loudly and clearly when they are talking to you. Don’t make any sudden moves and answer with yes sir and no sir.  It’s a fact and I don’t like that.

Who do we blame that our society has made backward strives in the race division line? Look at yourself and ask who do we blame.

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