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Let Me Just Get This Off My Chest

I get tired of opening up my social media sites and seeing ignorance.  Christians are always forced to take a back seat and shut up about their beliefs. America is always trying to push us to the side while allowing everyone else to enjoy the constitutional right to freedom of speech except Christians.  This country… Continue reading Let Me Just Get This Off My Chest

Dylann Roof, Racial Issues, South Carolina Shooting

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Who do you blame when a child grows up and becomes the complete opposite of how you raise them?  Did they interrupt your lessons as hatred towards others or did you impute it without the sense to think that they just might carry out a crime you yourself dare not try to commit. I have… Continue reading Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

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I Am Not A Father

Yes, I am a single mother who chose to raise my children alone instead of with a partner that express his lack of interest in having a monogamist relationship.  I chose me over a life filled with having to share a man.  I didn't want my children growing up thinking that was the way a… Continue reading I Am Not A Father