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Can You Help?


Hi everyone! Okay, I am raising money for tuition for school. As many of you know and some don’t I recently lost out on getting a new house for my kids and myself. It was very devastating hearing you do not qualify due to student loans!  I worked diligently to clear up credit and did all that was asked of me per the bank. I exhausted savings to pay off a large bill and obtained a revolving account that has been maintained quite well. I did everything right! So, of course, I wanted to scream, but knowing that God makes no mistakes I am choosing to move forward.

With that being said I can’t take out any extra loans and being a graduate student, I can’t use federal pell grants.  The classes I am taking will allow me to begin my life coaching practice and make the necessary money to help get through my last year in school. Then after that we know how the story goes I will go on to get my LPC. I am so excited!

I just need as many of you as can to please donate at least 20 dollars towards my goal. Can you help me? Please share with your family and friends.

Thank you all for your support and remember if you can’t, I still love you.

Many Blessings,


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