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Waiting On Normal

I get it! You are waiting on some type of normalcy to come into your life. What would it take in your life to become normal? What if your definition of normal is just that, your definition? I can completely understand what it feels like to wait for normal. I felt if I got married my life would be normal, or if I could lose weight and get fit I could resemble normal, or if I could land my dream job, life for me, would be normal. I found out none of that was meant to be my normal. It was what I had grown up listening to and seeing other people do, but I am a Christian and our normal isn’t like the world.

We don’t serve a God of normal, but we serve a God that does things abnormal, crazy, backwards, and absolutely absurd at times. What if you took the first part of the day let go of your thoughts, cleared your head, and fasted, meditated, and prayed to God to show you His normal for your life? What would come of it?

I can tell you what would come of it and that is a day filled with adventure, solitude, love, open doors, supernatural happenings, and contentment with what the day had to hold for you. All because you gave up your normal for God’s normal and let go of your ways for His ways. You stopped thinking what if’s, or questioned everything, and you just let God. You will become a magnet for all God has already predestined for you for the day that is at hand. Stop waiting on your normal and start allowing God to open you up to His normal and I promise you that you will never be the same.

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