3 thoughts on “Ask For It!”

  1. That sounds like a dangerous sort of prayer. God does not call all believers into marriage, having children, and two story houses with white picket fences. Basing your happiness on the church’s ideal and not on what God wants is a common source of stress and frustration. Single women outnumber single men in Christianity. Each single man is surrounded by dozens of potential wives. Some women will have to get used to long term singleness. I would suggest that you switch denominations if the immense pressure to marry is making you miserable.

    1. You make very valid points. This prayer wasn’t put up there for someone to actually pray this actual prayer but it was meant for women to know that it’s alright to ask God for the things you desire. Not all things we desire line up with God’s will for our life but if you are one who seeks God and waits on His answer then you will be satisfied with what ever answer He gives you. I don’t believe that denominations have anything to do with a woman or a man when they feel it’s time they get married. Every human desires a mate at some point in their life. I myself being a saved, sanctified, holy living, single woman at times desires the companionship of the opposite sex. I have just grown in maturity to know that in God’s timing He will present me to my husband who will have been seeking God for me.

      1. Some denominations only allow for the full participation of married families – they have ministries for mothers, fathers, children, and lots of family events – but a great many churches forget their singles, their divorced, their childless couples, and their widows. It sends a message that they’re not wanted if they can’t be like everyone else. When single people do go to church, they’re often tasked with the one ministry that needs the most help – usually nursery. Some churches even assign single believers to somebody else’s family so that they can see what they are missing out on and learn how to have a Christian family when (or if) the time comes. There are some movements within Christianity that teach that all women are ‘Eve’ and their husbands are ‘Adam’ and the command to have multiple children applies to them – so they give the impression that ‘you’re not really a Christian unless you’re married and have kids.’ If your denomination doesn’t accept you for who you are, they don’t deserve your tithe. I agree that it is acceptable to ask God for anything, but it’s wise to be careful of the wording that is used to prevent confusion, the Lord’s Prayer is a good example of keeping it simple and direct.

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