Stop Think


We question why women stay in physically abusive relationships and we call her all kinds of names for staying, but stop and look back. Women, is it not abuse, when the man you say you loved, played mind games with you to get you to stay after he got caught cheating? Is it not abuse when he convinced you to change your clothes when you knew that you knew you looked good? Is it not abuse when he convinced you that your best friend and family was really your enemy? You realized later that he isolated you so he could keep controlling you. You might have gotten out before the physical, but indeed he abused you. You wear the scars of the insults and cut down. You still can’t get or keep a good man because you run him away with the pain of your past. You still live with the abuse, but yet you lift your voice on behalf of other women.

These are stories I hear from women on the low over and over again. Stop judging because your abuse is different from the next woman’s abuse. Women stand up for one another, but first stand up for yourself!

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