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Four Power Points of a Boaz Blessings ~ Part 3

Four Power Points of a Boaz Blessings

The third point we are going to talk about is impartation.

Impartation: to give, convey, or grant from or as if from a store. 2. To communicate the knowledge of

Here in chapter three you have Naomi instructing Ruth on how to reel in Boaz. Now remember in chapter 2 Ruth caught the eye of Boaz when he spotted her reaping in the fields. In verse 5, Boaz wanted to know whose damsel was in his field. You have to remember that the word damsel means a young unmarried woman of noble birth. This right here tells us that Boaz didn’t see Ruth as a poor foreigner from a low-class family. He saw her as a woman of value. Even though she was in her working clothes, hair tied up, and dust all on her face her Boaz saw through all that and saw a queen. So, going in verse 8 still in chapter 2, Boaz tells Ruth not to go nowhere else and glean. He wanted to keep an eye on her.

Let’s stop right here Ruth had a mind made up to serve God and to do whatever her mother-in-law instructed her to do. Having a man was far from her mind and she missed all the signs that Boaz had an eye for her. Not Naomi though, because she knew that this would be their opportunity to redeem the inheritance of her late husband and sons. She explains in verse 1-2 of chapter three that this would give Ruth rest from hard labor because Boaz holds the key to her blessings. What we have to remember is that God does not give us all that we want in a mate but He will give us exactly what we need.

Naomi begins to impart in Ruth the instructions and wisdom on how to get Boaz’s attention. He has already seen how you look when you are working hard, and you found favor in his sight. Now, let him see you looking like the royalty he already knows you are. Then place yourself at his feet and wait until he awakes to find you there. If you think, you had favor before you wait until the morning.

Ruth did exactly what was told and not only did she come out with a fiancé but she came out with a gift for her mother-in-law. Your Boaz doesn’t just want to please you but he wants to bless your family as well.

The problem with this part of receiving a Boaz blessing is that most women don’t receive the impartation. They don’t want to lay at a man’s feet because they have become so independent or already have in mind what they want in a man so their Boaz in their mind is not for them. In today’s time we, of course, don’t actually lay at his feet but if you have a spiritual mother, or father telling you how to humble yourself just a little more, so that Boaz can go ahead and make you his wife, then receive it.

Boaz we are going to find out in our next and final lesson goes above and beyond to make Ruth his wife. It wasn’t just because she dressed up, but he had eyes for her way back in chapter 2.

Our next lesson will be on the manifestation of the blessing.

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