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The Coldest of Night

Pensive WomanAs the winds begin to chill the hot, muggy day of what seems to be early signs of summer, that isn’t the only thing that is cooling off.  The people of God appear to be on fire, but their coals have slacked off, getting colder by the day.  They are given an appearance of godliness, but God is far from their hearts.  Having shut off access to the real issues that hinder them from a real relationship with our father, they are operating with a false sense of worship, praise, and anointing. They seek to fill their bellies with the fame of the world, while the very souls that are attached to their assignments are dying. They are loving with a carnal love, a love that sends the angels of God away with hunger pains, and the children stumbling into a ditch. Holiness is associated with bobbing their heads to the tunes of old school rap and swinging their hips to smooth R&B, as their minds take them back to place of sinful behavior.

To profess Christ is to know Christ, but they are only acquainted with him, through the preaching, teaching, and singing of others. No knee bending, fasting, reading, and sincerer  cry for a deeper relationship with God our creator. The cries that reach God are the cries of an earthly husband not sent by Him, a husband that will become their god. Be careful little children for the night will come and He shall not be found. So, let go of your idols and say good-bye to your gods. Fill your bellies up with the word of God and pray for a new heart, one that will receive of God’s agape love. Agape love, loves the hell out of people, even praying for those who open themselves up for the enemy to use them.  Be careful how and who you judge little children for the one you condemn will be the one you meet as you each are called up, but you are dismissed and sentenced to eternity to the same place you condemned them.

This is the coldest night because there is no one standing before God, but you and after your works has been tried and burned there is nothing left but you. Your coal has died and your very soul is dark and in need of a repair. Seek the heart that God needs you to have & He will give you the coals of the Holy Spirit that will ignite a life now lived for him. The flesh will die and you will be given brand new insight of the world we are in but are called out of, and the harvest will be revealed, while your secret agenda will end. No more old school, but all things will become new.

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Is Your Suffering In Vain

Man thinking on a train journey.
Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While reading 1 Peter 4: 12-19, it really had me thinking about Christian suffering. My suffering in particular. How many times do I rejoice in the middle of persecution? What are my first reactions when they arise in my life? As I sat down and thought about them, I also had to take the time and think about if the suffering is coming from my walk with Christ or if the sufferings are due to my fleshly desires that I give into. Verse 19 says: So those who suffer according to God’s will should, while doing what is good, entrust themselves to a faithful Creator.

Verse 15 states: None of you, however, should suffer as a murderer, a thief, an evildoer, or a meddler.

This caused some self evaluation and a deep conversation with God to take place. My desire is to live Holy as my creator is Holy. I pray that this causes some of you to think, as it did myself, and causes you to do some self evaluating.