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What is going on with God speaking to his people to do something & them second guessing God. If God tells you to do it, then do it. Not only that, if He says do it now then do it NOW! If you are to pray three times a day, then pray three times a day. If you are to start a ministry, or a business, and you don’t have the funds, but God said do it, then you better do it because you second guessing and going back to pray about it, then waiting for an answer that you already got, will only cause you to lose out. Provision has already been made for you. Just step out the boat & keep your eyes and ears on Jesus. Let him direct your every step. He said in His word that He is a light unto your path, and the word is a lamp unto your feet. He is not a man that shall lie.

The problem is that people have conditioned themselves into thinking that something so big can’t happen for them. So they become scared, and they lack the faith that it could ever happen.  That is why so many people aren’t walking into their destiny. I have heard so many people say “God told me to do this, but it’s not the right time.” The devil is a liar and the truth ain’t in him. Stop letting the devil mess you up and have you think that God spoke to you to do something ten years from now, but yet He is training you to do it right now.

It’s God’s timing not ours….. Listen to His guidance and walk in His ways.

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What Do You See

Having faith takes more than just speaking something you want to happen. Faith is described in Hebrews 11:1 as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Having the faith to believe in the unseen is something very powerful. This means that this type of faith still sees in the darkest of situations, that the very thing you are hoping for is still in view. In 1 Kings 18:41-44 Elijah believes in the word of the Lord that he is going to send rain after a three year drought. He first believes in the word of the Lord, he then tells Ahab to get going before he get’s caught in the rain & tells him he hears the abundance of rain coming, he then prays what I believe is a prayer of thanksgiving, and finally he sends his servant to go look for the rain. His servant went a total of seven times before he could see the cloud that looked like the size of a fist. Each time he reported to Elijah that he saw nothing, but that didn’t discourage Elijah. He simply sent him back till he could see what he already knew was there.

Are you willing to keep trying at something or looking for something, believing in something or someone if it looks like nothing is ever going to change? Can you see that rainbow of promise through those dark clouds. Do you have the faith to speak that husband saved, your children saved, your body healed, an increase in every area of your life, just as God has promised you?

If  God said it then believe it and speak it as if it’s already so.  Anytime someone ask you about your son who is out in the street say “That man you see out there is not my son. My son is saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and preaching and teaching the word of God.” When you see him you say “Rub some of that anointing on me. I see the fire of the Holy Spirit on you.” Speak life over every situation because it already lives in the spirit, and you are just waiting on God’s timing for it to manifest in the natural. It may take some time before you see that thing manifest but keep your spiritual eye open and your natural eyes will have to line up.