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Have You Heard?

Have you heard about my new online magazine called Woman 2 Woman? If not go take a look and tell me what you think. It is filled with inspirational stories and opportunities for you or anyone you may know to become a part of one the fastest growing magazines around. Don't forget to leave a… Continue reading Have You Heard?

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I Am A Woman Loosed

I am a woman loosed from pain, shame, and rejection. I am a woman loosed to feel how I want to feel. So excuse me if I have joy deep down in me that nobody can take away even in my darkest hour. I am a woman loosed to love like never before. So excuse me… Continue reading I Am A Woman Loosed

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Something Is Missing………..

Sitting here at my computer after being up all night, I am struggling with words to say. That’s part of the reason I was up all night, pleading with God to give me fresh manna from Heaven. I toiled most of the night asking ‘what I had done to lose the passion to write?’  I… Continue reading Something Is Missing………..