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The Power in Forgiveness Pt. 1

We have all had those moments when our hearts have hit the floor or felt fire come from our heads. All due to some hurt, we have dealt with somewhere in our life. Some things are easy to let go of, and others are embedded in our hearts so deep that we have forgotten that they are there. That is until someone says or does something that sends our minds right back to that hurtful place. Some things are too hurtful to talk about, while others have been talked about so much, people shut you down before you can even get started. You walk around with a chip on your shoulder as though the world owes you something. Women that have suffered hurt from other women, use the phrase “females can’t be trusted, that’s why I don’t hang with them.” Men often times shut down and refuse to open up to anyone.

We are told to let those hurtful things and people go. In the Christian community, we had better not be talking about something that happen over a year ago or heck we need not talk about something that happen last night. We are to pray about it and give it over to God and let Him fix it. How dare you carry a title and experience hurt so bad that you share it, better yet cry about it.

The truth is, we need to really express how we feel about the pain we feel. That pain felt is very real and it might be small to some but it is crushing to the one going through it. The root to bitterness starts with a seed that took root before being plucked up. The bible tells us that we should confess our faults one to another, not to be judged, but so that we can receive prayer.

Please know that some hurt will not be forgotten, but with the POWER in forgiveness, you can be healed from it. A rape victim will never forget the event but they can heal from it.

We must learn to forgive just as God has forgiven us. Jesus walked the earth and performed miracles, healed, ministered, was beaten and hung on the cross with other sinners. What did he do? Nothing, not one sinful thing and yet he hung there and asked God to still forgive them that hung Him. He could have gotten down from that cross and said forget this junk. I am out of here. These people don’t want to be forgiven. They know everything already. Let them die in their sin. He saw past their faults and He saw their need and begged God to forgive them.

There is power in forgiveness. You take back that part of you the enemy tried to use to destroy you. The more you forgive the more God pours down His spirit on you and the wound caused by the hurt.  This in turn will cause that wound to completely heal as though it never existed. You can walk in the fullness of God, not weighted down with the issues others have with you. Remember that you have greatness on the inside of you, waiting to be birth fourth. If you allow hurt to override your life then you will abort that which God impregnated you with or give birth to something dysfunctional. It’s not you Satan is after but it’s the gift and your destiny that he wants. That gift that you carry will cause everybody assigned to you to walk in forgiveness.

To be continued…….

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