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Something Is Missing………..

Sitting here at my computer after being up all night, I am struggling with words to say. That’s part of the reason I was up all night, pleading with God to give me fresh manna from Heaven. I toiled most of the night asking ‘what I had done to lose the passion to write?’  I love to write about the goodness of Jesus and all He wants to do for them who love Him.

I am empty for words, yet in still I dig deep to pull up something that will inspire you the reader. I type and I delete repeatedly, until I almost give up. Then in the midst of my distress, I now hear a whisper that just says be still. I sit and I listen as the sweet sound of His voice begins to speak. It’s time you rest from writing & take time to worship me. 

So as I end, let me leave this with you. Sometimes we can be so caught up in working for God, that we don’t take the time to worship and sit at His feet. Making our prayers endless lists, asking God to give me more, or what else do you need me to do. God inhabits the praises of his people and he desires true, sincere worship out of us each and every day. Worship so deep in the spirit that by the time we are finished, we haven’t desired nothing more, but more of his presence in our life.

That’s the key to keep the passion for Gods will alive.

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