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Many have no clue of what love really is. Its associated with feelings, goosebumps or butterflies in the stomach. Many people don’t love themselves but yet scream from the roof tops that they are in love with another. Love is a simple word but with such a great meaning.

The love described above is the love of the world. That love will fail and turn around to never love you again. The real love that I want to take the time to talk about is called agape love. Agape love is a type of love that love beyond faults. A type of love that when you walk away their it stands waiting on your return with the same love it had before you ever left. It’s a type of love that will find a solution to keep you from spending eternity in hell and that solution is sending His only begotten Son.

This is a type of love that the churches are lacking. They have yet to really grasp the revelation behind it. God loved us before we were even born. His loved stretched so long and deep that when we were in a deep dark place His loved lifted us. We seem somehow to forget that we ain’t always been loveable. We haven’t always been perfect and if we be real with ourselves we are far from perfect now. Yet God still loves us.

Due to the lack of this love free-flowing in the churches men and women of God that have great ministries lack the followers that have been assigned to them. No before you make all of this fall on the leaders shoulder look at yourself. When a visitor comes to visit they look for love from the people before they look to the leaders. If they don’t feel it coming from us then they are not going to stay. The funny thing is we forget once again that we all haven’t been born saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy ghost. So when someone comes through those doors just as they are we want to judge. Sad thing about it is they might not look the part outward but if I could take the flesh off some and see what they looked like on the inside………..they would run home crying. God looks at the heart and not the outward parts.

Next time someone comes in that might be the neighborhood drunk, a street-walker, a theft, or a cheater. Stop think back over your life and see how God loved you in spite of and then that love He has bestowed on you will be bestowed on others.

I love you all with the love of God!

Stay Blessed

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