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Who Are You?

How do you define yourself or whether what makes you? Is it the clothes you wear, your 29 inch waist, perky double DD’s, or your perfectly made behind that makes the men go wild. Perhaps it’s the car you drive, the money you make, or the house you own. Maybe it’s the friends you have, or the family you belong to. Or could it be the man you have that makes you feel good and worth something. Taking a guess, is it the false sense of hope and self pride you have because you have set yourself on high.

If you strip all this away what would you have? Who would you call yourself? No more fake eyelashes, hair extensions, long wavy hair, makeup, or designer bags. Who are you without that fine as hell man, that business you had, or once perky breast has taken a trip down south. Who are you? How do you define yourself as now?

What do you do when all that you had has been stripped away by the man upstairs? How do you face the world and who do you now say you are? What happen to that smile, that glow you once had?

Take a closer look at the inner you. Where is God and his love he bestowed on you? How have you become this creature defined by stuff when your source has already defined you? He has claimed you and made you with His own hands.  Dust you were made and Dust you shall return. Born without nothing but filled with His joy.

Some have become dream chasers, goal setters, determined to win. Whose race are you running and what is at the end? Whose dreams are you chasing? It’s time to stop and take a look because you have lost who and whose you are. God is watching and he has your instructions, but you left them behind trying to redefine Who You Are.

Kingdom minded people do Kingdom minded things. You say it’s about God but you have pushed him out the way. God said save my people, but you only saved yourself. Who are you? What is your assignment? You don’t know because it’s been only about yourself. That’s why you can’t know who you are because you have gotten lost with the “What Can Make ME Famous or Known” Poor you because the platform you build God has pushed you off and let someone from the back who will let HIM shine come forth and complete what you couldn’t do.

Now that you have been placed back down, take a closer look and redefine yourself. It was never about you, and it will never be.

Proverbs 16:18: Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.(NIV)

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