How Sweet to Know


How sweet to know that even in our time of trouble and distress our soul can still magnify the Lord because he heard our cry. Before we even opened up our mouth to ask for help he saw our broken hearts.

No better time to break fourth into a praise, a dance or even a shout than during a time of trouble. Praise is our weapon. It’s a sign to the enemy that he isn’t stopping you from believing that all things whether good or bad work together for the good of you. Can’t nothing or nobody hinder your flow of worship & praise. No matter what the circumstances look like.

Now show the devil what you working with and be like King David. Dance out your clothes & watch how fast God turn that thing around. It’s His delight to let the devil know he is still defeated!

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    1. Brianna Headen Ministries – Brianna Headen ~ An Inspiration to Women Young and Old Brianna is a spiritual writer that writes true to life stories. Stories that will touch and captivate the hearts, minds and souls of the readers. She is a sought after inspirational speaker. Traveling near and far sharing her testimony of over coming. Her debut book "The Road to Glory" is a book that addresses the unspoken issues of life from the perspectives of four women. The book caused a stir amongst her readers, causing them to contact her requesting more information about the topics discussed in the book. She is an ordained minister. The founder of Over Comers a ministry for at risk teen girls and single mothers. An advocate for kids with cancer and kids with autism. She is currently working on her Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling at Laurel University in High Point, North Carolina.
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