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I Survived The Storm

I once went through a rough storm in my life that was meant to kill me. The winds blew so hard I could barely stand up on my own two feet. The rain fell like buckets of water that saturated my heart, mind, and spirit. The thunder & lighting would scare me so bad that I would jump every time I heard or saw anything like it. I thought that storm was going to take me out.

I felt I was no good to my children, family, or friends. How did I get myself in the midst of this category 4 storm. I rode many a storms out, but this was a different kind of storm. This one effected my heart. It made me love it in a way I had never loved anyone or anything before. It took me by surprise and swept me off my feet. When it was out in the water raging all I could feel was the winds that had yet to pick up speed. But my oh my when it hit land I could barely hang on for dear life. I thought for sure this storm wouldn’t harm me it was just blowing wind up my back. Was I ever so wrong because by the time things had calmed down I was left with broken pieces of my life. The storm was still in my life, but it had me where it wanted me. Scared, defenseless, and no feelings of self worth.

It wasn’t until something on the inside of me started remembering a  man I learned about when I was a child and his name was Jesus. I knew if I could somehow get to this man I had heard so much about I could be healed and that storm would have to leave. Little did I know that Jesus was waiting on me and when I was sitting down at my table crying he came and spoke. My life was never the same and everything in it had to change.

I gained my strength and gathered my things and spoke to that storm by the authority given to me through Jesus Christ. I demanded that storm to cease from ever ragging in my life. I walked away with my head held high and Jesus by my side. No longer afraid or defenseless. That storm tried to take me out, but God said not so.

That storm had to be for me to get where I am today. A faith walker, Jesus preaching, Kingdom worker, and prisoner of the most High God. There is no other place I would rather be than in the safety of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I hope this story blesses you and encourages you to know that if God be for you He is greater than any storm against you. I love you and pray many blessings over your life.

4 thoughts on “I Survived The Storm”

  1. I am blessed that you were blessed by this post. When God spoke and told me to write this it truly blessed my soul. This was me some years ago and to be standing where I am now it’s nothing short of God’s grace & His everlasting mercy.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. While reading, a song came to mind that I normally sing, but now I have a deeper understanding of it: “JESUS, LOVER OF MY SOUL” by Hillsongs. That kind of storm nobody can fully understand unless one has gone through one just like it-I am one of those who have and your words are more confirmation that no matter what the ONE WHO DIED FOR ME (us) is the ONE who loves me the most. Thank you again Sister Headen.
    Love you in Christ

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