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Random Thoughts

What do you do when you have done all you can and every door in your life has closed and has a sign that reads your no longer welcomed there? Where do you turn when the ones closest to you seems to act as though they never knew you?  Is it me or is it just some people just aren’t meant to be anything but a body built of clay doomed to walk the earth with no happy ending in sight. All my life it’s been hard roads, rejection, put downs, and criticisms. I see some of the worst people prospering and enjoying this life that I have found no pleasure in. Is it that I was never fit to be in God’s kingdom. The more good I try to do the more heartache I have to suffer. People think it’s easy to be me but one day in my shoes I don’t know if they wouldn’t pick up the gun and end life sooner. I don’t seek to be rich or famous but I do want to amount to something. I want to have a testimony of how I made it over and not just how I barely made it though. I pray for so many people but do they pray for me?  Am I just a passing thought in others running minds while they are a constant burden to my soul.

Random thoughts from various people. If this is you I pray right now that God bless you RIGHT NOW!!! You deserve the best because you have stood the test and now it’s your turn to be blessed. If this isn’t you then take the time and pray for those that feel like this. They aren’t asking for your money but your words of prayer. So take the time & pray for those in need.

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