Where Are My Real Christians

We are living in dangerous times. Over one hundred innocent men and women lost their life today due to hatred. As we went about our daily lives people were losing theirs. While they sat and ate, enjoyed a concert, watched a game, chatted with friends, ate their last meal, unknown to them they were being watched by an enemy that lurked in the shadow. This is what the world is turning into. The enemy lurking in shadows watching us.

Christians are suppose to watch and pray. Yet, instead we sit behind four walls and worry about growing membership, raising tithes, being seen, making a name for ourselves, and hating on each other. We still haven’t heard the call to fast and pray for the enemy is coming to steal and destroy us.

There is a war going on and Satan is doing a real good job at distracting us with our selfish wants and desires. What will it profit to have a great name, a big church, and thousands of members only to lose our souls. So often preachers preach seek first the kingdom with the interruption of what we are to do inside and for the church.  God didn’t call us just to build a building up.  God called us to build the church! The church interrupted as the people.

We are suppose to be in the business of soul winning. Our focus has shifted from the main thing. That’s why we are losing our children to since less acts of violence. Our loved ones are dying without giving their life to Christ, terrorist are running crazy all over the world, kids are going to school and killing each other, people are committing suicide, all while we sit in the seat of judgment and do nothing. Speculating on why. We are the solution if we get out of self and get into the spirit.  Jesus never sought a building, He desired people to love and to know Him, to be rooted and grounded in the truth of the gospel, to know that our enemy isn’t man but rulers of darkness, and to love one another as well as be servants of one another.

We have the power too fight if we just get on one accord, get on our knees, and fight in the spirit, seek direction, and move accordingly. God never leaves us blind if we just let him lead us.