Four Power Points of a Boaz Blessings ~ Part 4

Four Power Points of a Boaz Blessings

Part 4

Our fourth and final point we are going to talk about is the manifestation of the blessing in chapter four.

Manifestation: a public demonstration of power and purpose.

Here we have in chapter four Boaz going to sit in the town’s gate waiting on the guardian-redeemer. It doesn’t say how long he waited, but he was desperate to get the one who captured his heart. If he had to wait all day then he would have done just that.  You can always tell the real from the counterfeit by if he is willing to do what it takes to secure you as his wife. That means he may have to wait but if he is the one he will be willing to wait.

 In verse one Boaz spots him and calls him over, but he also calls witnesses to witness his display of pure intentions. Boaz knew that anyone in their right mind would not give up something as valuable unless there were stipulations that would cause them to lose something else of more value.  Boaz knew that the value wasn’t in the land but it was in Ruth. A virtuous woman as he called her, and in her was his favor. He laid out the situation real good to the guardian-redeemer. Who in turn was eager to redeem the land until…Boaz reminded him of the law. The law that states you must marry the decreases wife, and produce a son that would carry on the name of the deceased. With this little reminder, the guardian-redeemer must of had some land and property of more value that he didn’t want to give up to Elimelech’s family.  Which is how the law worked back then.

Boaz, on the other hand, was willing to give it all up for the hand of Ruth. He knew how much Ruth loved her mother-in-law and that she would go to great lengths to secure her future. That didn’t stop Boaz. He would have done anything to make Ruth happy. Even if that meant giving her up to the guardian-redeemer that her heart’s desire would have been fulfilled.

Women miss their Boaz because they are too blinded by what their natural eyes sees. Ruth trusted in the wisdom of Naomi. She trusted in her relationship with God and followed her guidance. Like Ruth, we must seek out spiritual counsel. Counsel that will help steer us in the right direction.

Proverbs 11:14 Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety

Women can be blinded by selfish desires and miss the desires of God for their life. So,  even though Boaz was an older man, and probably not her type, she didn’t let that deter her from receiving her blessing.  Many women never receive that which they pray for because they never recognize the answer to their pray due to the packaging. Ruth prayed I am sure for her mother-in-law to be blessed but she never guessed it would come through her. 

A man that will sacrifice his happiness for yours is a diamond in the ruff. He is one that is sent by God. Boaz’s love was manifested for the people to see. Because of that, their future together received spoken blessings it.  As a result, Ruth became part of the lineage of King David and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the blessed children she bore. She had a husband who adored her and happiness she could only dream about.

I pray you take these points and apply them to your life as you prepare for your Boaz blessings.

Where Are My Real Christians

We are living in dangerous times. Over one hundred innocent men and women lost their lives today due to hatred. As we went about our daily lives people were losing theirs. While they sat and ate, enjoyed a concert, watched a game, chatted with friends, ate their last meal, unknown to them they were being watched by an enemy that lurked in the shadow. This is what the world is turning into. The enemy lurking in the shadows watching us.

Christians are supposed to watch and pray. Yet, instead we sit behind four walls and worry about growing membership, raising tithes, being seen, making a name for ourselves, and hating on each other. We still haven’t heard the call to fast and pray for the enemy is coming to steal and destroy us.

There is a war going on and Satan is doing a real good job at distracting us with our selfish wants and desires. What will it profit to have a great name, a big church, and thousands of members only to lose our souls. So often preachers preach seek first the kingdom with the interruption of what we are doing inside and for the church. God didn’t call us just to build a building up. The god called us to build the church! The church interrupted as the people.

We are suppose to be in the business of soul winning. Our focus has shifted from the main thing. That’s why we have lost our children to since less acts of violence. Our loved ones are dying without giving their lives to Christ, the terrorist is running crazy all over the world, kids are going to school and killing each other, people are committing suicide, all while we sit in the seat of judgment and do nothing. Speculating on why. We are the solution if we get out of self and get into the spirit. Jesus never sought a building, He desired people to love and to know Him, to be rooted and grounded in the truth of the gospel, to know that our enemy isn’t a man but the rulers of darkness, and to love one another as well as be servants of one another.

We have the power to fight if we just get on one accord, get on our knees, and fight in the spirit, seek direction, and move accordingly. God never leaves us blind if we just let him lead us.